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What is commercial led displays?

Outdoor LED display is the  large-scale display device used in outdoor environments, mainly used for advertising, information, announcements and other content. It consists of a block of LED display units, each unit can independently display images or text.

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How to Choose commercial led displays?

1. Quality: Check the resolution,outdoor led display brightness, contrast and other factors of the screen to ensure that the displayed image is clear and vivid. Usually the brightness was 4500-7000nits .
2. Environmental adaptability: Consider whether the leddisplay has waterproof, dustproof, anti-ultraviolet and other characteristics to meet the challenges of the outdoor environment.
3. Life and stability:  the quality and life of LED lamp beads, as well as the stability of power supply, control system and other parts.
4. Power consumption: While ensuring the led display effect, choose products with low energy consumption as much as possible, which can not only save operating costs, but also be more environmentally friendly
5. Installation and maintenance: consider whether the installation method of the screen is reasonable and whether it is convenient for later maintenance and replacement.

Commercial led display Features

1. High brightness: Due to the strong light in the outdoor environment, outdoor LED displays need to have high brightness to ensure clear visibility under strong light.
2. Weather resistance: Outdoor LED displays need to be able to withstand various weather conditions such as wind, rain, sunlight, dust, etc., so they usually have waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion and other properties.
3. High refresh rate: In order to ensure a smooth picture, outdoor LED displays usually have a high refresh rate. It is 3840hz .
4. Long-distance visibility: LED display have long-distance visibility and can clearly display content at long distances.
5. Energy saving and environmental protection: LED displays have the characteristics of low power consumption, long life, and recyclability, which are in line with the trend of energy saving and environmental protection.
6. Good display effect: The large LED display has a wide viewing angle, high contrast and true color performance, and can present a high-definition display effect.

The installation methods

1. Wall-mounted installation: Wall-mounted installation is to install the LED display  directly on the wall or the surface of the building. This method is suitable for situations where the wall is strong and LED displays are allowed to be installed.
2. Suspended installation: Suspended installation is mainly used in indoor spaces or some relatively large open squares. LED display is suspended in a specific position through metal chains or steel cables.
3. Pole installation: Pole installation is to install the LED display on a special column, which is suitable for open areas or places on both sides of the road.
4. Embedded installation: Embedded installation is to embed the LED display into the wall, ground or other structure so that the screen surface is flush with the surrounding environment.
Each installation method has its applicable scenarios. During installation, Client need to choose the appropriate installation method based on actual needs and on-site environment. At the same time, the installation of outdoor LED display also need to consider windproof, rainproof, lightning protection and other factors to ensure the safe and stable operation of the screen.

Applications of Commercial led displays

1. Advertising media: Large outdoor LED displays are usually used in outdoor places such as streets, squares, and parks to broadcast product advertisements and public service announcements to  attract the attention of pedestrians and expand the advertising effect.
2. Traffic instructions: In some large transportation hubs, such as stations, terminals, airports, etc., outdoor LED displays can be used to display driving routes, flight times and other information to provide guidance to passengers.
3. Sports events: In stadiums and event sites, outdoor LED displays can play real-time scores, event replays and other content to enhance the audience's viewing experience.
4. Urban landscape: Some cities use outdoor LED displays for lighting decoration at night, playing various beautiful patterns and animations to enhance the city's night landscape effect.
5. Commercial display: In commercial areas, shopping malls and other places, outdoor LED displays can be used to display products, promote brands, and attract consumers.

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