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Quality certification and instructions about GOB technology

2024-01-18 11:27:07
GOB is a packaging technology for LED displays. It is a new packaging technology introduced to make up for the problems that traditional surface-mount packaging is prone to dead lights and lights. G0B packaging uses an advanced highly transparent resin to The gaps between the lamp beads are filled and the thermal conductivity is maintained without affecting the image display. It is like filling the LED module with glue, so that the protective performance of the entire LED module is greatly enhanced. The advantage of the G0B packaged LED display is that it can achieve waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-collision and other characteristics. The disadvantage is that the post-sales service is more difficult.
The specific advantages of GOB are as follows:

Advantages 1. Moisture-proof
The GOB-encapsulated LED display adopts three-dimensional coating and comprehensive protection. The surface is smooth and has no dimensional gaps, which effectively blocks the contact between electronic components and humid air, thereby greatly improving the moisture-proof performance.
Advantage 2. Waterproof
Even if the surface is directly sprayed with water, it will not invade the interior, which prevents electronic components from being knocked off when exposed to water, causing problems such as circuit board damage and large-area module scrapping. It is more suitable for outdoor and other display occasions.
Advantage 3. Dustproof
GOB packaging completely prevents the intrusion of foreign objects, dust and other metal dust and powder, and eliminates problems such as dead lights and column lights caused by short circuits.
Advantage 4. Anti-collision
GOB packaged LED displays can withstand more than 10 times the impact force of SMD packages, have stronger pressure resistance, higher surface protection levels, and perform better when impacted.
Advantage 5. Anti-collision
It has a high level of protection and has functions such as anti-bump, anti-impact, and easy maintenance. It solves the problem of lamp beads being bumped during installation and debugging, and even the PCB being scrapped due to solder pad falling off. A slight bump will not affect normal use, greatly reducing the after-sales rate. Extended service life
Advantage 6. Anti-static
GOB packaging effectively blocks the spread of static electricity and greatly reduces the occurrence of breakdown of electronic components.
Advantage 7. Anti-salt spray
In coastal and hot humid areas, because the air contains a large amount of chloride ions, it electrochemically reacts with electronic components and is highly corrosive. However, the G0B packaged LED display will not be disturbed by external interference and has good performance. Anti-salt spray effect.
Advantage 8. Anti-oxidation
The GOB package blocks the oxidation reaction path, strengthens the connection between the lamp bead pins and the PCB, and enhances the service life of the LED module.
Advantage 9. Anti-blue light
The G0B package adopts matte coating optical diffusion technology. The picture is soft, non-glaring, pixel grainy, and noisy. The black screen has high consistency, effectively reducing blue light radiation and reducing damage to the viewer's retina.
Advantage 10. Anti-vibration

The G0B packaged LED display has a shock-proof function, which solves the problem of large quantities of lamp beads not lighting up, lining up, dead lamps, falling lamps, and solder pads falling off due to extrusion, drops, strong vibrations, and product friction during violent transportation.

In general, the introduction of the GOB packaging process has made up for the shortcomings of traditional surface-mount packaging to a certain extent, thereby greatly enhancing the protective functions of the LED display and greatly improving the stability of the product. However, GOB packaging also has certain shortcomings. The packaging technology requirements for manufacturers are very strict, especially maintaining the transparency and color of the glue, the flatness of the entire module, etc.

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