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HD Full color G10 series outdoor rental led display for stage event show

· Pixel pitch: P2.6/P2.976/P3.91/P4.81

· Backup function

· Double network port (double signal design)

· High refresh rate 7680hz

· Hard connection

    1. Backup/redundancy power: light cabinet, single box single power supply, average current design, if any cabinet power supply is broken, the screen never black, can still work normally
    2.Double network port (double signal design), the bottom of the cabinet is designed with another pair of signal transmission ports to ensure that the screen still be used normally when there is a problem
    3.A5s plus receiving card plus chipfountain IC make a high refresh rate 7680hz, make your shooting without water ripple anymore
    4.Anti-collision design: PCB welding pad is relatively large, relatively crash-resistant, if the led chip is forced off, the bottom copper will not fall, that can better maintenance
    5.Hard connection:The back of the cabinet is hard connected to the design(plug-in power supply, hub board, module, receiving card) easy maintenance, ready to change and install
    6.Customized logo: Cabinet print position diameter can be reach at 6 cm, it is powerful for print client logo.
    7.Special-shaped splicing (the two cabinets can be arbitrarily combined into various shapes of the screen, and the screen corner can be designed at 90 degrees)
    8.Full scene application (stage, floor screen, curved screen)
    9.Front and rear maintenance (magnet and buckle)
    HD Full color G10 series outdoor rental led display for stage event show (2)cch

    Model P2.604 P2.976 P3.91 P4.81
    LED Type SMD1415 SMD1415 SMD1921 SMD1921
    Pixel Pitch (mm) 2.604 2.976 3.91 4.81
    Pixel Density (dots/m) 147,456 112,896 65,536 43,264
    Module Size (mm) 250*250 250*250 250*250 250*250
    Module Resolution (dots) 96*96 84*84 64*64 52*52
    Cabinet Size (mm) 500*500*75 500*500*75 500*500*75 500*500*75
    500*1000*75 500*1000*75 500*1000*75 500*1000*75
    Cabinet Weight (KGs) 7.5/12.5 7.5/12.5 7.5/12.5 7.5/12.5
    Refresh Rate (HZ) 3840 7680 7680 7680
    Brightness (CD/m) 4500-5000cd 4500-5000 4500-5000 4500-5000
    Average Power (W/m) 250 250 250 250
    Driving Method l/16s l/14s l/16s l/13s
    Viewing Angles (H/V) 160°/160° 160°/160° 160°/160° 160°/160°
    IP rate IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
    Working Humidity (RH) 10%-60%
    Working Temperature (°C) -40°C ~ +80°C
    Installation Types Sitting/Floor/Lifting/Arc/Special-shaped/Right Angle

    Outdoor rental LED displays have a variety of practical applications, especially in outdoor events and activities. Here are some common applications:
    Outdoor concerts and festivals: In outdoor concerts, cultural festivals and other live events, LED displays are often used as stage background of the concert to display various images, videos and effects, adding visual impact and artistic sense to the performance.
    Outdoor sports events: LED displays are widely used in stadiums and arenas to show live game broadcasts, instant replays, and advertising content to audiences. LED display screens can be used to display audience interaction content, such as displaying audience messages through real-time projection or real-time interaction during audience interaction sessions.

    HD Full color G10 series outdoor rental led display for stage event show (3)upi
    Outdoor Corporate Events and Meetings: LED displays are used to enhance corporate events such as product launches, outdoor meetings and trade shows by providing vibrant and engaging visual presentations. LED display screens can create formal atmospheres by displaying different visual content, making the scene more diverse, three-dimensional and highly attention.
    HD Full color G10 series outdoor rental led display for stage event show (1)fp5
    Public viewing areas: In public places such as parks, squares, open-air markets, etc., rental LED displays can be used for the public to watch live broadcasts, outdoor movies, special events, etc.
    For these applications, outdoor rental LED displays need to be durable, weatherproof, and provide high-quality visuals even in bright outdoor environments. Additionally, they should be easy to transport and set up for temporary rental needs, making them ideal for outdoor events and short-term installations.
    A. Package
    We provide flight case packaging and can also customize packaging according to customer requirements.
    Specifications of flight cases we provide:
    1. Cabinet size: 500*1000mm 5pcs /flight case 109*73.5*60.5cm 96kgs
    2. Cabinet size: 500*500mm 8pcs/flight case 92*67.4*58cm 100kgs
    G10 series indoor rental led display for stage event show (1)s5x
    B. Transport
    We provide sea freight , air freight express delivery and other logistics methods. The first choice is sea freight,If you need to receive the goods urgently, it is recommended to choose air freight.
    Led Display Video Wall Outdoor P2dws

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